Are you in need of expert IT solutions to improve the way your business operates? Look no further than Sygma | Information Technology, a division of the Sygma group that specializes in data and IT applications. In August 2022, Lucas Voisard joined the team as the Business Application Specialist, bringing with him almost a decade of experience in the industry.

Lucas is passionate about creating solutions that enable businesses to leverage technology and data to optimize their operations. With his diverse knowledge in areas such as Business Intelligence (BI), application interfaces, ERP and specialized application solutions, he is well-equipped to transform a company’s needs into successful projects. Together with his team, he will analyze your needs, develop the most suitable solutions, and assemble the appropriate professionals to make them a reality.

With 5 years of experience as a consultant at Calyps SA in the BI field, Lucas has a wealth of knowledge in this area. He also has a strong background in SAP coordination, support and administration, which allows him to better understand ERP and the possibilities it offers. In 2021, he obtained his CAS in “Innovation Management”, which gives him a pragmatic approach to solution development and helps ensure that the solutions created have real value for internal and external customers.

At Sygma | Information Technology, Lucas and his team will be able to understand the application challenges you are facing by putting them in relation with market solutions or specific developments, and then work together with you to meet these challenges. They are proud to be the preferred partner for all your IT projects, and will support your team with specialized personnel to help you reach your goals.

Welcome Lucas to the team and best of luck in Sygma | Information Technology!

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