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Founded in Monthey, Switzerland, in 2006, Sygma | Engineering Services is an engineering company with internationally recognized skills.


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Sygma | Engineering Services is an engineering office, based in Monthey, Switzerland. Specializing in engineering work and staffing for your EPCC projects, we are present worldwide and a full member of the Sygma Group.

Our expertise is based on the solid technical knowledge of our engineers in the civil, mechanical and IE fields. Our engineering office consists of a motivated and dynamic team of experts who continuously improve their skills in renewable energy resources and green industry processes.

Sygma | Engineering Services provides a wide range of services and has professional staff in different fields. Our team has technical experience in project management, engineering, construction, production and operations.

Located in Monthey, Switzerland, our company benefits from an international network with great flexibility and openness. We are able to recruit staff at all levels for permanent positions, as well as provide consulting services for short or long term assignments.

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Sygma Group

Sygma Group is an alliance between sister companies that are leaders in their markets. The synergies thus created allow its members to act quickly and internationally. We accompany you in the realization of all your projects, from the simplest to the most complex.

Specialized in renewable energies, energy production and engineering works, the members of the Sygma Group benefit from a great experience in construction works. Committed at an international level, the companies of the group act quickly at the place of intervention.

Sygma Engineering Services - Sygma Group member
Sygma | Technologies - Automation engineering

Sygma | Technologies is an Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) company, specialized in automation engineering. Our engineering offices are based in Monthey, Switzerland and in Serramana and Milan, Italy.

Uni-Weld - Welding works

Uni-Weld is a service company dedicated to various activities in welding sector. Our team has the necessary knowledge to develop any kind of projects in relation with welding field.

Studio-A Automazione - Sewage treatment

Studio-A Automazione is operating in Oil & Gas, refining and petrochemical, cement production, chemical and pharmaceutical, power generation, waste treatment, water and sewage treatment.

Some key points

With many years of experience in staff delegation, Sygma | Engineering Services is internationally recognized for its highly qualified support staff.

Our jobs

Support teams

  • Site managers
  • Construction supervisors
  • QA/QC supervisors
  • EHS supervisors
  • Fitter supervisors
  • Welding supervisors
  • Piping supervisors

Operational teams

  • Fitters
  • Welders
  • Electricians
  • Helpers

Our capacity

Sygma | Engineering Services can provide full operational teams under the direction of the client. Its teams can be composed according to the client’s requirements.

Sygma | Engineering Services can provide a capacity of more than 100 operators to assist teams at intervention sites.

Distribution in %

Our services

  • Short or long term contract
  • Expatriation or local recruitment
  • Wage portage contract
  • Recruitment during peak periods of work
  • Administrative infrastructure
  • Personalized recruitment based on client specifications
  • Work and residence permit
  • Income and taxes

Professionalism and Ethics

All the contracts of our employees are drawn up in accordance with the regulations in force (local or foreign).

Each of our employees are registered with the Social Security organization and are covered by retirement insurance.

All our employees travel to the site with repatriation insurance.

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