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Sygma | Engineering Services

Sygma Engineering Services is an engineering office dedicated to engineering work and staff delegation.

Engineering office - Sygma | Engineering Services - Monthey - Switzerland

Founded in Switzerland in 2006, Sygma Engineering Services is an engineering company with skills recognized around the world. We are an integral part of Sygma Group.

Experts in the delegation of technical skills, we support you in your energy production and distribution projects, Oil & Gas, mining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

We intervene from the study, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning phases on-site, as well as in your offices, workshops or with your subcontractors.

Our agencies, strategically located in Europe, Asia and Africa, allow us to effectively delegate our international experts, managing the administration related to their missions.

Sygma Engineering Services Place de Tübingen 2, CH-1870 Monthey – Phone : +41 24 472 17 41

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Sygma Engineering Services is an engineering office dedicated to engineering work and staff delegation in connection to EPCC projects, built around the solid experience of our engineering offices of civil, mechanical & IE construction. Sygma Engineering Services’ highly motivated and dynamic management team is developing and investing in renewable resources of energy and green industrial processes.



Sygma Engineering Services provides a wide range of services and personnel encompassing many professional and technical fields, such as project management, engineering, construction, production and operations. Sygma Engineering Services has a very international and flexible attitude and an open mind. Sygma Engineering Services can recruit staff at all levels for permanent staff positions as well as provide consultant staff for short or long term assignments.



In the last decade, Sygma Engineering Services has established an increasing presence worldwide. All our activities are coordinated from 6 offices, we are proud to participate in the construction of the most important renewable energy plants or provide engineering services worldwide.


Let’s work together

We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.



10% talent, 40% passion, and 50% hard working is the receipt of SUCCESS. If You miss the last one, don’t worry there is always a place for good philosophy!

Roberto Magri - Sygma | Engineering Services - Monthey - CEORoberto Magri - CEO, Sygma | Engineering Services

For more than 2 years Sygma has been supporting our project in a more than remarkable way. Always responding with due diligence and pertinence. The quality of the services to make available highly skilled technicians gave us plenty of satisfaction. We highly can recommend Sygma Engineering Services’ services to others.

ALSTOM - Sygma | Engineering Services' partnerGerald REBER - Project Manager, ALSTOM

Roberto, big thank for You! Over the years working in different countries, for international companies, you have been the best agent and I wish all the others would have been like you. I hope that we will work again together in the future. It was a great pleasure.

Jesse Tyler - Expert, EHS

As the Project manager in an oil refinery, I had often the need for specialized engineers and technicians for the planned turnaround. I appreciate the most for Roberto (CEO, Sygma Engineering Services) special capability to solve urgent requests as they needed and always to help to find the right persons. I would recommend to everyone using Sygma Engineering Services and Roberto services.

Gerard Weibel - Maintenance manager 2007-2015, Tamoil