Kumköy Hydro-Electrical Power Plant has a total of 17.25 MWe installed power in 3 x 5.75 MWe units and the owner of the plant is Entek Elektrik Üretim A.Ş which is located in Çarşamba – Samsun / Türkiye.

As per the owner’s request, a mandatory overhaul for 11 years of operating Unit 2 generator has been completed successfully within the scope of the contract signed with Siemens Motor Maintenance Factory in Gebze – Kocaeli / Türkiye.

During the generator overhaul on Unit 2, turbine maintenance of the same Bulb type Kaplan unit was completed successfully. Both turbine and generator were re-commissioned with lower vibration values on all bearings, and final acceptance has been acquired from Siemens and Entek.

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Generator - Kumköy Hydro-Electrical Power Plant
Turbine - Kumköy Hydro-Electrical Power Plant
Siemens-Entek - Kumköy Hydro-Electrical Power Plant

About Kumköy Hydro-Electrical Power Plant:

Kumköy Hydro-Electrical Power Plant is built on Yesilırmak basin within the boundaries of Çarşamba, a district of Samsun. It is a Run-of-River type hydropower plant that generates power by using the water turbo-pumped from Suat Uğurlu plant at its upper reach. It consists of a power plant building, regulator structure, water intake canals and tail-water structures. The plant with an installed power of 17.25 MW (3*5.75 MW) is equipped with 3 tiger or bulb type turbines and with a net head of 9.26 meters. Its total flow rate is 210m³ per second.

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