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IT Services at Sygma

Overseeing the development of 17 Sygma | Engineering Services branches with culturally and educationally diverse employees working in more than 30 countries involves the management and control of 5 departments fundamental to the success of our industry:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Communication
  • Quality management

The good internal performance of these departments allows us to deliver a quality service to our clients, who are ultimately the only ones who can judge the added value of our work.

IT has been an integral part of our development since 2006. Our experience in setting up, supporting, troubleshooting and upgrading the skills of our IT staff is today one of the keys to our international success. IT is the link of our entire organization and we reserve a growing place in our industrial processes.

From International to Local

SYGMA IT puts today its internationally acquired experience at the service of local companies. We deliver knowledge in network architecture, virtual machines, 4.0 solutions, mobility application development, Finance, HR, Communication through our technical staff and specific applications developed to meet our customers’ expectations.

Helpdesk Level 2 with Sygma

Our fields of expertise

Level 2 support, proximity

Level 2 is staffed by qualified technicians or engineers who analyze and resolve computer problems, whether they are of a software or hardware nature.

Level 2 local support is triggered by the service desk, or hotline, which receives calls from users who have a problem with the IT tool. This initial phase is called Level 1.

For businesses, local service in Level 2 IT support is essential. The speed of intervention of IT specialists and the resolution of problems allows them to focus on their core business.

Sygma | Engineering Service, through its Sygma IT division, focuses on providing consultants who are close to its partners so that they can immerse themselves in the company’s culture and participate from within.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is provided by our data analysts who guide our partner companies in the analysis of their data and the management of their activities. It enables them to make more informed decisions by presenting current and historical data in their business context.

Sygma’s proximity to its partners and its understanding of their business enables it to deliver this expertise. Sygma | Engineering Service has made this field one of its privileged activities.

Today, Sygma has implemented numerous dashboards and management tools based on the latest data architectures. This activity implies that our experts are in contact with the management of our partner companies.

Project management

Project management is the sinews of war of an evolutionary IT. Our partners must constantly evolve their information systems to keep up with the evolution of IT solutions.

Sygma | Engineering Service works closely with its partners to guide them in their evolution choices and to offer them an Agile implementation project approach.

Project management is provided by experts who have solid experience and knowledge of the latest project management tools.


Today, the trend in project management is based on agile methods. Agility is based on the application of an iterative approach, which leads us to implement projects in an incremental way. Our partners appreciate this approach, which has the main advantage of not waiting for the full implementation of the project to see deliverables, but to obtain visible results throughout the project.

Sygma’s corporate culture and Agile method, which puts the client at the center, have enabled us to support large-scale projects on behalf of our partner companies.

Our experts' profiles

Network Administrator : Our computer network specialists are responsible for its operational and secure operation. From the installation of new components to its maintenance.

Server Administrator : Our computer server experts manage their implementation and specific software solutions. They ensure the maintenance, the evolution and the security of the computer park.

Database Administrator : Our professionals administer and manage the databases essential to the various business applications. They ensure their maintenance, security and evolution.

Developer : Our developers create complete software solutions, including the user interface. Our developers will forge a strong link with your company’s business since their role is to understand your needs and convert them into an adapted IT solution.

Project Manager : Our project managers plan and supervise IT projects. Trained in the latest IT project management methods and with the benefits of many years of experience, they are a real asset to our partners.

Application development : Our data analysts are responsible for analyzing data from our partners’ business activities. Their primary mission is to understand the business of our partners and the data that is manipulated within their information system in order to extract indicators that will be used for decision support.

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Founded in Monthey, Switzerland, in 2006, Sygma | Engineering Services is an engineering company with internationally recognized skills. With some 180 people working around the world, we intervene locally and quickly.

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