All agencies in Sygma | Engineering Services join in congratulating the Sygma France / Saint-Paul-les-Durance team on achieving MASE Certification.

Our sincere congratulations go to each member of the Sygma France / Saint-Paul-les-Durance team who worked tirelessly for this accreditation.

Congratulations to all!

In May 2022, after a proper audit, Sygma France / Saint-Paul-les-Durance obtained the MASE Certification for 3 years.

MASE “Manual for Improving Safety Health Environment of Companies” MASE is a non-profit associative network, created at the initiative of industrial contractors, in the 1990s, to help the companies involved to set up a safety, health, and environment management system.

The members, more than 6000 to date in France, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal, are companies:

  • Interveners (engaged or certified 1 or 3 years)
  • Users (Principals)

This management system, based on a reference system, aims to improve performance in terms of health, safety and the environment in companies. It aims to be pragmatic, adapted and promotes a common language between the principals and the companies involved.

In a few points, non-exhaustive, the advantages for a company to be MASE certified:

  • Structuring system to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a Company in terms of Health, Safety, respect for the Environment and organization
  • Deployment of skills through training
  • Brand image of the company
  • Engine of social progress (participatory)
  • Feeling of working in a reliable and sustainable organization
  • Market development

The Certification is issued by local committees following an audit carried out by auditors trained and approved by MASE France and International belonging to recognized audit firms.

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