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Global Mobility Services. Through our Global Mobility Services, we assist you with all the administrative procedures involved in an expatriation. We help you obtain work permits, visas and other documents that are essential to the success of your expatriation. Anywhere in the world, for you and your family.

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Global Mobility Services

Working permits and visas

We help you obtain work permits, visas and other documents required during the expatriation process. We provide legal advice on all the questions you may have, as well as on the different regulatory aspects in force.

Our teams manage immigration issues from A to Z anywhere in the world. Our network of reliable partners is the result of a rigorous selection process. We rigorously verify their experience, customer service and values.

We take care of all complex tasks such as obtaining entry visas, documentation for work and residence permits as well as verification and presentation of immigration documents.

Our teams support you on all your Global Mobility needs.

Logistical services for a worry-free trip

Logistical services are an important part of the expatriation process. The three most common difficulties encountered are : insurance, travel tickets and secure access to your home or workplace.

We will take care of all these tasks for you and your family. Travel by air, sea or road will meet your expectations and needs with our Global Mobility Services teams.

Relocation services for the whole family

The choice of a house during expatriation is a delicate task. We will guide you wisely in this search. We will define with you and your family your needs and desires. All this in order to find the adequate residence in which to settle.

According to your criteria, we will present you with a list of possibilities and detail the legal formalities related to a rental agreement and the specifics of the local real estate market.

If you are moving with your children, our special service will assist you in choosing the best school and/or daycare for your children because we understand the importance of your children’s education.

International work permits with Sygma

Let’s work together

We work with leading market companies around the world. As suppliers and / or partners, we provide our customers with sound advice.


Global Mobility Services

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Global Mobility Services

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