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Staff delegation. Our office is specialized in the recruitment and delegation of personnel for all your civil, mechanical or Instrumentation & Electrical (IE) engineering works. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to meet all your needs, from the simplest to the most complex.


Staff delegation

180 people at work around the world

Sygma | Engineering Services recruits personnel at all levels for permanent positions, as well as for short and long-term assignments. Experimented engineers provide consulting services during all phases of your project. Our Sygma | Engineering Services experts are continually learning about renewable energy resources and green industry processes.

Our ability

We provide complete operational teams under the direction of our clients. Our teams are composed according to the requirements and specificities of each client’s project.

We can provide a capacity of more than 100 operators to support the teams on the intervention sites. Our expertise is based on the solid technical knowledge of our engineers in the civil, mechanical and Instrumentation & Electrical (IE) fields.

Experts recruitment with Sygma | Engineering Services

A network of agencies, strategically located in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Sygma | Engineering Services’ network, strategically located in Europe, Asia and Africa, allows us to efficiently and quickly delegate our international experts.

Members of our teams intervene on site during the design, manufacturing or assembly phases, as well as for the commissioning of your installations. Our engineers accompany you throughout the entire duration of your work.

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Our Sygma | Engineering Services teams currently at work

Sygma | Engineering Services

Founded in Monthey, Switzerland, in 2006, Sygma | Engineering Services is an engineering company with internationally recognized skills. With some 180 people working around the world, we intervene locally and quickly.

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We work with leading market companies around the world. As suppliers and / or partners, we provide our customers with sound advice.


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