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ATEX. Sygma | Engineering Services is active in the field of Explosive Atmospheres. Our experts advise you in technological risks.

EXplosive ATmospheres - ATEX

The ATEX regulation requires all managers to control the risks related to explosion in their environment. Our experts evaluate the risks of explosion in your company in order to determine all the places where explosive elements can be released.

Evaluation of all the means necessary to set up an organization for the management of ATEX risks.

Suitability of equipment
Verification and validation of the compatibility of electrical and non-electrical equipment according to the zoning.

Organizational measures
Implementation of organizational measures (training, written instructions, formalization of an authorization system).

Support in updating and improving the various documents related to the DRPCE.

Drafting of the Explosion Protection Document (DRPCE).

Our experts, recognized by INERIS, go as far as the implementation of technical and organizational solutions for a controlled risk.

EXplosive ATmospheres – A Sygma | Engineering Services skill

Saqr-ATEX certification for Atelier Redien in Niort!

During March 2022, Aude Mallet Chabrouillaud, ATEX & Technological Risks Manager, Auditor & INERIS Trainer at Sygma, carried out the Saqr-ATEX Certification audit at the Redien workshop, Automotive and Industrial Electricity in Niort.Moreover, our collaborator trained four members of the workshop staff to the ATEX standards, during training sessions ranging from 2 to 4 days:1 [...]

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Sygma | Engineering Services runs on hydrogen

This Monday, March 28, 2022, was held the event Pyrénées Hydrogène at the racetrack in Pau. A conference organized by the Territoire d'industrie Lacq-Pau-Tarbes. Our representative for the Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Pau region, Gilles Normand, took part in the round tables organized during this forward-looking day. Aware of the importance of the energy transition, Sygma | [...]

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ATEX – The new competence of Sygma | Engineering Services

Aude Mallet Chabrouillaud After starting her career in Research & Development (R&D) at NESTLÉ, Aude Mallet Chabrouillaud seized the opportunity to work in toxicology at the Institut national de l'environnement industriel et des risques (INERIS) on atmospheric pollutants. Aude discovered Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX) during a joint mission with Mr. André Mallet. A [...]

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