ATEX | Services

Our experts, recognized by INERIS, offer a global approach of risk analysis allowing a personalized assistance to the implementation of the EXplosive ATmospheres regulation.


ATEX – EXplosive ATmospheres

The ATEX regulation requires all managers to control the risks related to explosion in their environment. Our experts evaluate the risks of explosion in your company in order to determine all the places where explosive elements can be released.

ATEX services

  • Audit of functional analysis on site of the risks of appearance of EXplosive ATmospheres
  • Analysis of the risks of formation of explosive atmospheres inside and outside the installations, in normal and abnormal operation of the processes
  • Consideration of feedback from incidents or accidents that have occurred in similar facilities
  • Proposed means of prevention and protection: organizational measures
  • Identification of locations where hazardous explosive atmospheres can form and ATEX zoning (classification and sizing of EXplosive ATmospheres zones)
  • Examination of the suitability of electrical and non-electrical equipment installed in EXplosive ATmospheres zones with supporting risk analyses
  • Supply of the elements necessary for the drafting of the Explosion Protection Document – DRPCE
  • Support for manufacturers in the technical and administrative validation of their ATEX equipment
Ignition of EXplosive ATmospheres

ATEX training courses can be certified

  • ISM-ATEX standard (design, construction and maintenance in EXplosive ATmospheres)
  • Saqr-ATEX standard (workshop repair of electrical and non-electrical equipment for use in EXplosive ATmospheres)

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