On March 28, the Territoire d’Industrie Lacq-Pau-Tarbes organized the event Pyrénées Hydrogène at the racetrack in Pau. We, industry leaders, gathered and discussed the future of hydrogen energy and its potential as a renewable energy source.

Furthermore, Sygma | Engineering Services, represented by our regional representative Gilles Normand, attended the conference. As a company committed to the energy transition, we recognize the ecological potential of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier, produced from renewable energy sources through the process of electrolysis. Therefore, it does not produce greenhouse gas emissions when it is used as a fuel, which makes it a clean energy source. It has the potential to replace fossil fuels in various industries. Also, it is used in the production of heat and chemicals.

In addition to its environmental benefits, hydrogen also has the potential to improve energy security. And, as a consequence, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Its use can also help to achieve France’s 2050 carbon neutrality objective. The proper implementation of the ATEX regulations will also be ensured.

In conclusion, Gilles Normand and Sygma | Engineering Services are dedicated to helping our clients explore the potential of hydrogen energy. We work towards a more sustainable future. We are here to provide expert advice and support in the implementation of hydrogen-based solutions.

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